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  • I would encourage people I know who trade things other than options to come, for example somebody that may be 30 to 40 yrs old and is investing for their retirement. They may put money into a mutual fund on a regular basis and they're not interested in selling, they're only interested in putting money in and holding that till retirement. There are numerous things they could take away from this seminar that would teach them how to time their entries into the market. They don't have to worry about the exit because they're going to hold until retirement. But timing the entries can add several percentage points to their annual returns. It would be extremely valuable to them. They would never have to touch an options, never have to touch a futures contract, but it would be a big plus for them. -Terry M., Littleton, CO

  • I just want to thank you very much for 3EZ Factors. Before I make any decisions to purchase a stock or an index, I check the 3EZ factors. It has kept me on the correct side of the market. I appreciate it very much. Itís the best Iíve seen. And thank you again! --Tony G.

  • Market evaluation info was unprecedented in scope and how to use it. Love the high return Mutual Fund trading. - Geoff G.