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ODDS® High Accuracy Options - Weeklys

Want to trade Weeklys? Want a 95.2% winning percentage for trades that end in exactly 7 days or less? We just closed out our 18th winning trade in a row, and that means almost 6 months of consistent winners, or a 95.2% winning percentage. How's your winning percentage doing with your trading?

Everyone has been getting filled, including us, so we are opening for a handful of new subscribers, but only through Monday, 9-22-14, and only thru NOON, so don't miss out on these consistent profits.

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  • " Got ODDS Online which was one of the best things I did. So I started paper trading using that software doing straddle and credit spreads... I've been doing pretty well. I've been averaging $3,000 a month and that is buying many contracts... Michael D. Lexington, SC
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  • " I have dabbled in option trading from time to time with some success, but not following anything methodically. It allows me to start out with a lot less money & still get very good returns. With a job and a family this appealed to me because I did not have the time to do it myself. Don is very straightforward and honest & seems to generally want to help people take care of their own destiny. Brian T. Elkhart, IN
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